Special event invitation: Milan, April 14 … all about your personal finances

lake como 2On 14th April in Milan, The Spectrum IFA Group will host a special seminar on personal financial matters, answering client concerns and outlining what strategies and actions you can take to safeguard your financial future.

As an expat living in Italy, what financial matters worry you the most?

This event will provide a unique opportunity to get answers to your questions and gain valuable insights about personal investing in Italy, as well as considering many of the financial issues that concern and affect all our clients.

Is it possible to pay less tax on my savings and investments as a resident in Italy? Do I have the right financial products in Italy even if I have investments elsewhere?

Will there be any impacts if Britain was to exit the European Union? Can I protect my money from shocks like these and others like the recent fall in the oil price? What would happen if my Italian bank was closed, or asked to deduct new taxes from my account?

At our seminar on April 14 in Milan we will consider these issues and concerns and bring you a cross-section of experts in international and Italian financial matters to answer common questions.

We call it ‘Le Tour de Finance’ and we are now open for registrations.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Download your invitation here or go to the event webpage here

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