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Knowledge versus information and data ..

We live in a world where so much data and information is constantly being shared and made available to us. Are you conscious of the differences between the news and information you consume? This information and data is powerful, and can help us combine various sources to make conclusions and help us make important decisions […]

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Webinar Event 1 December: Moving to Italy, the most pressing issues.

REGISTER HERE Register now for an online conference presenting Italian income tax incentives, visa and immigration requirements and changes and a comparison between UK and Italy residential property. Brought to you by The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK and the British Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Speakers Nicola Maria Metta Partner-Studio […]

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Moving to Italy from the UK?

You may be thinking about or planning a move to Italy right now, and if so, you’re not alone. Italy has long been a desirable destination for millions around the globe, however these are particularly strange and interesting times, especially for those living in the UK and considering the twin challenges of Covid19 and Brexit. […]

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Fifty shades of green.

Sustainable investing and ESG investing are officially booming. Not only are people becoming increasingly motivated and aware of the need to invest sustainably, but the people who manage our money are too. In the first 2 quarters of 2020 a record $90 billion has flowed into ESG-style funds, reflecting this demand. Many fund managers will […]

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Italy cuts investment requirement for a golden visa, May 2020

Italy has reduced the minimum investment required to obtain a residency visa if you are a non-EU national. The changes were announced in the Italian ‘Decreto Rilancio’ of May 2020, which contains measures designed to stimulate the Italian economy since the onset of Covid19. Previously I’ve written about this Investor Visa, when it first arrived, […]

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