UK final salary pension transfers halted

Recently, The UK Pensions Regulator (TPR) gave trustees of about 5,500 UK pension schemes the right to suspend transfers of defined benefit schemes for up to three months (note this affects final salary-style, or defined benefit pensions) to allow pension companies to review transfer valuations, and the administrative impact of a potential increase in demand […]

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Becoming resident in Italy, a brief guide.

How do you become resident or even a citizen in Italy? I thought I would provide some summarised information to help new arrivals and British nationals alike. (This is especially relevant for British nationals since Brexit) This is a guide for European citizens within the European Union, including British nationals with transition period-rights while Britain […]

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Italy incentives: 7% tax rate on pension and foreign income for new tax residents

The retired migrant’s tax concession program, Italy Italy has introduced favourable tax policies for those who want to retire in Italy, or move their tax residency to certain parts of Italy (applicable for returning Italians or new residents) The exceptional news about the tax regulation is that it applies to all foreign source income. So […]

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Current Brexit guidance for British Citizens

As you well know, a stalemate has developed in the UK and recently claimed the scalp of the Prime Minister. What remains to be seen is whether a new leader can find an alternative solution that has sufficient support and which can create unity within the UK parliament and within the wider UK population. Despite […]

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Italy’s New Tax Resident regime & Investor Visa

A new favourable taxation option is now available for new residents to Italy, designed to encourage and increase investment. These rules provide for a new fixed-amount substitute tax which new residents with high foreign incomes have the option to pay annually, and which becomes the maximum and only amount of tax they will pay on their […]

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Residents in Italy holding Swiss bank accounts

Italy’s tax authorities have just requested information from Switzerland concerning 10,000 bank customers who reside in Italy These clients deposited a total of 6.7 billion euros in Switzerland, according to an article from Reuters newswires. The police said in a statement this action concerns Italian residents holding 9,953 financial positions in Switzerland. The police declined […]

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