U.S. tax rules and the increasing number of Americans giving up their U.S. citizenship

As the U.S. asset disclosure rules on foreign banks are now becoming effective, it’s interesting to note the number of US citizens giving up (and considering to give up) U.S. citizenship. The U.S. government provides quarterly numbers of the number of people renouncing citizenship of the U.S. – however many say those numbers are underestimates. […]

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Italy’s Inheritance taxes about to change

Are you aware of Italy’s Inheritance tax regime? Most countries these days have inheritance or death taxes (some call them Estate taxes or taxes on succession). Italy’s “Imposte di Successione” was re-introduced in 2006 and to this day is not as harsh as some other EU countries. However many Italian residents are unaware of how it […]

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What is Sequencing risk? (part 2)

In part 1 of this article, I examine the impact of poor investment returns or losses on your investment portfolio, at a time when you are counting on them, or need them the most. This poor return at the wrong time, is described in investing circles as ‘Sequencing Risk’. At other stages of life your […]

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What is Sequencing Risk? (part 1).

In part 1 of this 2-part article about Sequencing Risk, I am going to introduce and address possibly the  greatest risk when investing your money for your future retirement, and explain how it can be managed and dealt with in such a way as to remove some of the fears that often come along with […]

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Hello and welcome! This is the first issue of  ‘financial life‘ designed to enlighten, inform and update you on what’s current and important from a personal finance point of view, in this part of the world being Milan and Northern Italy.  In this regular newsletter I hope to provide you with lots of important information […]

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Six essential steps to buying your own property in Italy

Italy is a very tempting place to settle, and there are so many wonderful corners to explore. From incredible places by the sea, to the mountains, the lakes, charming cities, country farmhouses and villas, and houses in sleepy tiny towns surrounded by sublime nature and steeped in culture and tradition, there is no doubt tremendous […]

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