What specific problems can a good financial plan solve?

We can spend too much time wondering about problems that don’t seem to be solvable, leaving tough decisions until later. Here are a few areas where a financial plan might help!

  • help you to consider the costs and benefits of tough decisions like whether to sell your existing properties
  • provide advice on whether you are on track to provide for a reasonable and financially secure retirement, and point out where adjustments are needed
  • provide cashflow forecasts to help you visualise your likely income and cash movements annually, and throughout your retirement ;
  • help you decide between property vs financial investments and getting the balance right;
  • help you consider your options for investing and protecting your wealth, and in a tax-efficient way;
  • help you plan for passing on or gifting your wealth to your loved ones or charities.

And in particular, if you are moving country or retiring abroad:

  • Consider whether any investment related residency programs are appropriate and relevant for you, in the country you want to retire or move to;
  • help you understand the impact of local taxes and your costs of living in the new country:
  • Assess how your pensions income will be taxed in future;
  • advise how to manage your investments in the most tax-efficient way, taking into account how your total wealth will be taxed in the country you’re moving to, and versus the country you are moving from
  • how to take advantage of income tax concessions or new lower-taxing regimes being offered in your new country
  • identify if you are being taxed in two countries and what to do about it, and understanding your tax reporting obligations
  • connect you with other important professionals where required, like a commercialista, tax lawyer or immigration lawyer, for example.

Overall a good financial plan can provide you with clarity and the peace of mind that comes with having a plan and knowing there is very little that might fall through the cracks.

Feel free to be in touch with me to discuss your concerns and plans.


All thoughts are my own. The information contained here is not personal financial advice tailored to individual needs.